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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mulholland Drive - David Lynch

Ce blog est dédié au film Mulholland Drive de David Lynch.
This blog is dedicated to a movie by David Lynch :
Mulholland Drive

Vous pouvez écouter via ce radio-blog une émission diffusée sur
ALIGRE FM (Paris, France) le vendredi 30 août 2002 dans le cadre de l'émission Helter Skelter.
You can listen through this radio-blog a radio program broadcasted on ALIGRE FM (Paris, france) friday August 30th 2002.

Cette émission spéciale fait partie d'une série que j'ai appelée Abstract Movies. J'en ai diffusé 8 depuis 2002. Certaines sont disponibles en Real audio sur le site de l'émission Helter Skelter rubrique "live".
Il s'agit d'un mix d'une heure de chansons eclectiques avec des dialogues d'un film. Comme une histoire, un voyage musical à écouter de préférence le soir tard.

This special show is called Abstract Movies.
I already broadcasted seventh of it since. Some are still available in streaming on the Helter Skelter website, check in the "live" section.
It is a hour long mix of eclectic songs with some movie dialogues.
Like a musical journey/story to be listen late at night.

Voici la play-list de cette Abstract Movies #1.
This is the play list of this Abstract Movies #1.

Brian Eno / Gavin Bryars - french catalogue - cd - (discreet music) - eg
Alfred Schnittke / Kronos Quartet - collected songs where every verse is filled with grief - cd - (Concerto for Mixed Chorus in Four Movements) - nonesuch
Gun Club - goodbye Johnny (demo) - cd - (early warning) - sympathy for the record industry
Roebuck Staples - black boy - cd - (the stax story) - atlantic
Joseph Gershenson & The Universal International Orchestra - touch of evil - cd - (crime jazz) - rhino
Glenn Branca - fourth movement - cd - (symphony 6) - blast first
Jocelyn Montgomery & David Lynch - et ideo - cd - (the music of hildegard von bingen) - mammoth records
The Cure - all cats are grey - cd - (bbc session 81) - bootleg
Michel Galasso - Yumeji theme (extended version) - cd - (in the mood for love soundtrack) - virgin
Rebekah Del Rio - llorando - cd - (mulholland drive soundtrack) - milan
The Cramps - lonesome town - cd - (off the bone) - emi
The Apartments - speechless with tuesday - cd - (the evening visits) - rough trade
Cocteau Twins - the thinner the air (extended version) - cd - (victoria-lake) - bootleg
Dinosaur Jr - don't - cd - (bug) - blast first
Roy Orbison - crying - cd - (greatest hits) -

Mulholland Drive by David Lynch

Cast :
Naomi Watts .... Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn
Laura Harring .... Rita/Camilla Rhodes (as Laura Elena Harring)
Ann Miller .... Catherine 'Coco' Lenoix/Adam's Mother
Dan Hedaya .... Vincenzo Castigliane
Justin Theroux .... Adam Kesher

Disponible en DVD - Zone 1 (Universal studios) avril 2002 - Zone 2 (Studio Canal) aout 2004 (edition 2DVD)
Available on DVD - Zone 1 (Universal studios) april 2002 - Zone 2 (Studio Canal) aout 2004 (2DVD edition)

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Vous pouvez également écouter d'autres Abstract Movies en Radio-Blog (voir les liens ci-contre).
If you liked this program, please leave a comment.
thank you.
You could also listen to more Abstract Movies on Radio-Blog (check the links) .


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